Transformation of former inner-Melbourne golf course to nature reserve begins

  • 9 avril 2021
  • Conception et gestion de parcs et d'espaces verts
  • Design urbain et espaces publics


9 avril 2021 –

The first stage in the transformation of a former golf course in inner-south-east Melbourne into a vibrant nature park reserve has begun.

Designed by McGregor Coxall and endorsed by Bayside City Council in March, the masterplan for Elsternwick Nature Park Reserve envisions the conversion of a decommissioned golf course into a biodiverse parkland and wetland located in suburban Melbourne.

Key elements of the design include a “chain of ponds,” woodlands and wetlands, a “conservation island,” a look-out knoll, bird hides, and outdoor community amenities linked by paths and circulation. The masterplan proposes seven habitat zones, with an extensive planting palette for each zone designed to integrate culturally significant flora and attract significant species of fauna. The plan cites water re-use, flood mitigation and ecological conservation as major design principles.

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