7 octobre 2019 au 11 octobre 2019
Ecocity World Summit 2019

The International Ecocity Standards support communities to assess their overall ecological health and provide guidance towards becoming an ecologically restorative civilization.

Designed for a wide range of stakeholders, the Ecocity Standards chart a city's steps forward along eighteen conditions, from "unhealthy" through multiple levels of "greener city", to "ecocity" and the whole earth systems level "Gaia". Cities will know when they are aligned with Gaia's self-regulating capabilities when they are building soils, restoring natural biodiversity, maintaining water balance, and contributing to dynamic climate stability by sequestering more greenhouse gases than they produce, not just mitigating damage or adapting to a deteriorating situation.

Initiated in Vancouver in 2010 by United Nations accredited, non-profit Ecocity Builders and an international committee of expert advisors, the International Ecocity Standards are continuously evolving with input from scholars, practitioners, and community leaders from around the world. BCIT is proud to be the academic lead sponsor of this ongoing endeavour. We will be launching the International Ecocity Standards at the Ecocity World Summit in Vancouver in 2019. Join us to explore how cities are advancing the goal of creating socially just and ecologically sustainable communities.